Oxford University Press adopts PaperStack for comprehensive editorial reporting

(Sep 2023)

DataSalon has today announced a new agreement with Oxford University Press (OUP) for the adoption of its PaperStack service. By adopting the service, OUP will be enabled to provide instant insights into its peer review process and enhance its source data with industry data from Ringgold, Funder Registry, ORCID, and Crossref.

PaperStack provides 'out-of-the-box' integration with ScholarOne and Editorial Manager, both of which are used by OUP to manage its journal submissions. Using tried-and-tested API integrations, DataSalon took care of harvesting, linking and enhancing the data to create a single unified view of all submissions across both systems, allowing detailed reporting across OUP's journals in one place.

Case Study: ROR in DataSalon's MasterVision and PaperStack

(May 2023)

In January of 2022, we announced a full integration of ROR into our scholarly publishing analytics products MasterVision and PaperStack. Our Client Services Director Andy Dobson sat down with ROR to tell them all about how DataSalon draws on fifteen years of data experience to match organizational affiliations in publisher data to ROR IDs.

DataSalon launches visual tracking of rejected journal articles

(Apr 2023)

DataSalon's PaperStack service now includes an interactive visual report which makes it easy for publishers to understand the fate of all rejected articles, providing users with instant insights into if, where, and when rejected articles are later published elsewhere.

The PaperStack rejected article tracking module was introduced to address the issue that journal publishers often have little knowledge of the ultimate outcome for submissions they reject. When the module is enabled, all rejected articles from a publisher's entire journal portfolio are automatically tracked in Crossref to identify if they are later published elsewhere and if so when, in which journal, and with which publisher.

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics selects DataSalon for easy access to business intelligence

(Feb 2023)

Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics (SIAM) announced today the adoption of DataSalon's MasterVision platform in order to better understand their customer data and revenue streams and how they fit together and impact each other. MasterVision joins up all of SIAM's different datasets to put them into a context not available in the separate systems from which these datasets come. And because it is fully customisable to the individual publisher, MasterVision has the flexibility to include not only SIAM's core submissions, subscriptions, sales, usage and denials data, but also additional customer data such as members, student chapters, conferences and donations.

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. selects PaperStack for easy and comprehensive peer review reporting

(Jan 2023)

Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. announced today that they have adopted DataSalon's PaperStack service to provide editorial and peer review teams with a comprehensive reporting suite - covering all aspects of the peer review process and providing cross-journal reporting across their 100+ peer-reviewed journals.

PaperStack provides API integration with the ScholarOne journal management system used by Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. - the publisher simply arranged API access, and DataSalon took care of everything involved in harvesting and linking up the data, as well as enhancing it with industry data from ROR, Funder Registry, ORCID, and Crossref.

DataSalon launches new advanced search for PaperStack and MasterVision

(Oct 2022)

DataSalon announced today the addition of a new advanced search interface in both PaperStack (comprehensive editorial reporting) and MasterVision (single customer view), services trusted by many leading publishers for user-friendly insight and reporting. The advanced search makes it easy for users to build up potentially complex searches step by step. The new improved version lets users create queries in a quicker and more intuitive way, adding fields and values via a user-friendly interface.

Hindawi partners with DataSalon to make detailed publishing metrics publicly available

(Jun 2022)

Hindawi Limited are delighted to launch Hindawi's journal reports today. These reports, developed with the help of DataSalon, showcase a range of journal metrics about the different publishing services Hindawi provides for their journals. By exposing more detailed data on their workflows - from submission through peer review to publication and beyond - they are giving researchers, partners, and funders a clearer view of what's under the 'journal hood'. They are also raising greater awareness of less talked-about services, such as how Hindawi are helping to make the publication process more equitable and published articles more accessible and discoverable.

DataSalon launches major redesign of MasterVision service

(Jun 2022)

DataSalon announced today a major redesign of their flagship product, MasterVision, creating consistency across their product portfolio and improving accessibility for those using it on tablets and mobile devices.

The redesign brings MasterVision in line with DataSalon's newer PaperStack service, which is beneficial to those publishers using both products. It has enabled DataSalon to pull into MasterVision features that have already been tried and tested in PaperStack, such as smart content loading and a responsive design which ensures that each page of the site displays in the best way for the screen width available. Smart content loading is invaluable in a service like MasterVision which is based on so many large data tables. Each of these is now displayed as a single scrollable table - without any negative effect on performance, because only the data actually seen on the screen is downloaded at any one time.

DataSalon adds rejected article tracking to PaperStack service

(May 2022)

DataSalon announced today the launch of a major new module for its PaperStack service, allowing editorial staff to track rejected articles to discover if, where, and when they are later published elsewhere.

The subsequent fate of rejected submissions is often unknown to journal publishers. But a third or more are likely to end up being published elsewhere, and understanding where those rejected articles end up provides valuable insights many publishers miss out on. In particular, when some submissions end up with reputable competitor journals, might they instead have been transferred to an alternative journal within the publisher's own portfolio?

DataSalon announces full integration of Research Organization Registry (ROR)

(Jan 2022)

DataSalon announced today that ROR (the Research Organization Registry) has been fully integrated into all of its services. Full support is provided for automated matching to ROR of free-text organization names captured by publishers. All of DataSalon's clients previously using the GRID database of research organisations have successfully been migrated over to using ROR in its place.

Both of DataSalon's key products, MasterVision and PaperStack, use a reference dataset of organisations to standardise and link data, allowing easy searching, a single customer view, and exploration of the relationship between organisations and individuals. The reference dataset also places client data in its wider context, making it simple to find new sales prospects or target new authors and reviewers.

DataSalon announces support for Read & Publish

(Jul 2021)

DataSalon announced today that both of their cloud-based systems, PaperStack and MasterVision, can now offer support for the reporting requirements created by Read & Publish deals - helping publishers in the move towards Open Access. Both PaperStack and MasterVision can produce the key reports required - tracking accepted submissions against the author's institution in order to record how many articles each institution has published.

This information is difficult for publishers to retrieve from the raw submissions data, but DataSalon has a well-tested toolkit designed to overcome the issues involved. Those tools can take care of collecting data from ScholarOne, Editorial Manager and/or eJournalPress; linking authors to institutions; and rolling up data to the required level of the institutional hierarchy, to cater for deals with both individual institutions and consortia.

Taylor & Francis selects PaperStack for easy and comprehensive peer review reporting

(Apr 2020)

Taylor & Francis announced today that they have adopted DataSalon's PaperStack service to provide editorial staff with a comprehensive reporting suite - which delivers the potential to cover all aspects of the peer review process from submissions to acceptance, and pulling together data from their different editorial workflow solutions.

PaperStack provides Taylor & Francis with full 'out-of-the-box' API integration with both ScholarOne and Aries Editorial Manager, leaving publishing staff to concentrate on the insights provided by that data. These insights take the form of user-friendly reports covering submission and acceptance rates, turnaround times, geographical distribution of authors and reviewers, and more - all of which can be broken down by facets such as subject area, journal, article type and publishing model to give whatever level of detail is required.

DataSalon launches PaperStack - a major new editorial reporting service

(Sep 2019)

DataSalon announced today the launch of a major new service, building on close collaboration with scholarly publishers and editorial workflow solutions providers to create the most comprehensive reporting suite for all aspects of the editorial process - so helping publishers to develop the most effective publishing programme possible in a fast-changing environment.

PaperStack is a brand-new, cloud-based system which provides publishers with a complete overview of all their scholarly submissions activities. User-friendly reports cover submission rates, articles in review, acceptance rates, turnaround times to first/final decisions, speed of publication, numbers of revisions/reviewers, geographical spread of authors and reviewers, and more. All of this can be broken down in detail by facets including subject area, journal, article type, publishing model, funder, OA deal, and author institution.

Meet us at Frankfurt in October

(Sep 2019)

Our Client Services Director, Andy Dobson, will be at the Frankfurt Book Fair in October. If you'd like to catch up with him there for a demo, a meeting, or just for a drink, please do contact us to get in touch. We look forward to seeing you there!

Meet us at ALPSP in September

(Jul 2019)

There's just over a month to go before registration closes for the 2019 ALPSP Conference in September at the Beaumont Estate in Old Windsor, Berkshire, UK. Nick will be there, so if you'd like to meet up for a chat, a demo or just for a drink, please do contact us. We look forward to seeing you there!

Hindawi partners with DataSalon to open up journal reporting

(Jun 2019)

Hindawi Limited and DataSalon are partnering to provide useful information about the entire Hindawi journal portfolio. The reports are available for anyone to access and include data on submissions, acceptances, publications, turnaround times, numbers of authors, article usage and more.

Meet us at UKSG in April

(Mar 2019)

The UKSG Annual Conference in Telford on 8-10th April is approaching fast, so be sure you've booked your place! Our Client Services Director, Andy Dobson, will be there - if you'd like to meet up or book a demo then please do contact us.

Wiley rolls out DataSalon's Publisher Dashboard service

(Nov 2018)

John Wiley and Sons, Inc announced today the rollout of DataSalon's comprehensive Publisher Dashboard service to their worldwide sales, marketing, and editorial teams.

DataSalon's new Publisher Dashboard service allows Wiley to create dashboards tailored to their specific requirements, giving them a complete picture of their customers - not just of institutional usage and denials data, but also of authors, article citations, journal subscriptions, and open access article sales.

DataSalon launches major new Publisher Dashboard service

(Sep 2018)

Customer insight experts DataSalon announce new Publisher Dashboard service - empowering sales & marketing teams with instant insights to drive new sales and retain existing customers.

The new Publisher Dashboard service is the only solution in the market to offer publisher-specific dashboards which cover the complete customer picture - not just of institutional usage and denials data, but also of author submissions, journal subs, book sales, and individual customer and member contacts.

IWA Publishing selects DataSalon for sales reporting and publisher dashboards

(Jun 2018)

IWA Publishing have adopted DataSalon's cloud based service MasterVision to join together their wealth of sales, editorial and usage data to give a complete single customer view allowing for detailed reporting and dashboards illustrating key trends in submissions, usage and sales.

MasterVision joins up all of the IWAP's different data sources and is easily scalable so that more can be added over time or changed as their business develops. MasterVision provides IWAP with clear and powerful dashboard functionality, including the ability to control which staff see which reports immediately upon login. This allows for instant access to the most relevant data via pre-set searches, reports and dashboards.

Meet us at the London Book Fair in April

(Mar 2018)

Our Client Services Director, Andy Dobson, will be at the London Book Fair in April. If you'd like to catch up with him there for a meeting or a demo, please do contact us.

DataSalon launches brand new data quality service for publishers

(Sep 2017)

DataSalon has announced the launch of a new data quality service, aimed directly at the needs of scholarly publishers. DataSalon DQ is a fully-hosted data quality solution, providing a flexible toolkit for analyzing and improving the quality and accuracy of any data set.

DataSalon DQ is a stand-alone service - it can be used to clean up existing databases, and also to tidy and transform legacy data for system migration projects. It can also integrate closely with DataSalon's customer insight product, MasterVision, so publishers can easily use both systems together as required.

Mark Allen Group selects DataSalon for easy access business intelligence

(Mar 2017)

Mark Allen Group have adopted DataSalon's cloud based service MasterVision to join together all their data sources to give a complete single customer view which will help generate leads, increase insight and build global sales.

MasterVision empowers sales and marketing staff to take control of their own data analysis with agile and flexible tools and direct access to key business intelligence. This minimizes requests for information to various other departments; enables staff to work more dynamically with the data; and helps them to reach target customers quickly and accurately.

Wiley selects DataSalon for in-depth customer reporting

(Sep 2016)

DataSalon's cloud service MasterVision provides Wiley staff with user-friendly access to a complete single customer view incorporating sales, usage, authors and citations, and has quickly become established as an essential tool for driving sales and informing strategy.

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