Comprehensive editorial reporting.

PaperStack: A complete reporting suite for the scholarly submissions process.

Publisher dashboards done right.

MasterVision: Empower your sales & marketing teams with instant insights.

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Solutions designed for publishers. Find out what they think...

"MasterVision has transformed the way we interact with customer data.

It has both drastically reduced the time taken to retrieve data and do complex analyses, and allowed staff to better understand and respond to the needs of our global customer base."

"We are pleased with how easy PaperStack makes it to provide detailed, user-friendly reports to our editorial staff, and to our society partners.

The comprehensive insights are already making a real difference to our editorial program."

"Working with the experts at DataSalon has been an extremely rewarding experience.

They have rapidly customised their MasterVision application to support Wiley's goal of better understanding our customers, thus enabling us to act as a better partner to them."

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Why DataSalon?

Many of the world's biggest scholarly publishers rely on DataSalon to help drive new sales, inform future strategy, and provide accurate insight to the whole organization..

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Profile Institutions

Profile institutions by revenue, usage, turnaways, author submissions, and more.

Sales Opportunities

Analyse purchasing patterns for effective cross-selling and up-selling.

Identify Prospects

Identify prospects using article purchases, alert signups, subject interests, etc..

Visual Reporting

Easily create visual charts, country and state maps, and management dashboards.

Data Quality

Enhance data quality via reports on validity, completeness, recency and more.

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Introducing PaperStack dashboards. This month we'd like to show you the beautiful dashboards which have recently been added to DataSalon's PaperStack service. Of course, these visualisations have much more to offer than their attractive appearance, so let's also look at the benefits of using them.

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