MasterVision provides publishers with complete customer insight via a fast and user-friendly hosted service. It painlessly merges all of the valuable data from different source systems providing a 'single customer view' of all your interactions with a customer.

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With MasterVision you can search and segment individuals and institutions to create targeted lists for prospecting, cross-selling and renewals. MasterVision also has built in reporting and dashboard tools enabling detailed and overview insight of customer interactions and publishing activities.

Why MasterVision?

  • Profile institutions by revenue, usage, turnaways, author submissions, and more.
  • Analyse purchasing patterns for effective cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Identify prospects using article purchases, alert signups, subject interests, etc.
  • Export targeted contact lists at the click of a button in highly configurable formats.
  • Easily create visual charts, country and state maps, and management dashboards.

One of the big strengths of MasterVision is that it makes it very easy to explore the overlaps (and opportunities) between different customer groups using Venn diagrams. It only takes a few clicks to visualize - for example - subscribing institutions vs those with active authors. See how it's done:

MasterVision also provides sophisticated analytics and dashboard functionality, making it easy to work with your data visually and to identify important trends. Take a look at some nice examples of what's possible:

Please contact us if you'd like to arrange a demo, to see why many of the world's biggest scholarly publishers have chosen MasterVision.

Data Quality

DataSalon DQ is the hosted data quality service from DataSalon that makes it really easy to analyze and improve the quality of your customer data. It's a separate stand-alone service, but it also integrates closely with MasterVision for clients who use both services.

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By building confidence in the quality of their data, publishers can greatly enhance customer service, improve ROI on sales and marketing campaigns and make efficiency savings. If data quality isn't currently considered a high priority for your organization, you might want to read this article:

We've designed DataSalon DQ to meet the specific needs of publishers. Rather than assuming everyone's an expert in the technicalities of data cleansing, our approach assumes a more realistic starting point: of perhaps feeling a little 'bewildered', with a sense that there are issues to be addressed, but not necessarily a clear idea of where to start. If that sounds familiar, DataSalon DQ may well be the solution for you. Read more about the principles behind the product:

It's all rules-based, so users can configure clean-up rules in small steps, reviewing the effect of each in turn. Instant results and analysis can be seen for each rule, and full audit logs are provided listing changes down to field/value level. So it's easy to start small, and build up from there.

A wide range of rules are available, providing flexible clean-up options for numbers, dates, emails, names, addresses, product codes, institution names, and more. Powerful filters make it easy to target rules to specific problem values, and new fields can be inferred to provide extra insights:

DataSalon DQ provides the ideal toolkit for many different situations:

  • What's wrong now? Analyze your existing data sources to identify quality issues.
  • How to fix that? Configure rules to generate a list of fixes to be applied back to your source databases.
  • Clean data feeds: Use a pipeline to clean data on the fly when feeding to systems like MasterVision.
  • System migrations: Tidy and transform legacy tables when preparing for migration to a new system.

Please contact us if you'd like to arrange a demo, to see how DataSalon DQ can be used to clean and enhance even large data sets in a matter of minutes.