MasterVision provides publishers with complete customer insight via a fast and user-friendly hosted service. It painlessly merges all of the valuable data from different source systems providing a 'single customer view' of all your interactions with a customer.

With MasterVision you can search and segment individuals and institutions to create targeted lists for prospecting, cross-selling and renewals. MasterVision also has built in reporting and dashboard tools enabling detailed and overview insight of customer interactions and publishing activities.

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Why MasterVision?

  • Profile institutions by revenue, usage, turnaways, author submissions, and more.
  • Analyse purchasing patterns for effective cross-selling and up-selling.
  • Identify prospects using article purchases, alert signups, subject interests, etc.
  • Export targeted contact lists at the click of a button.
  • Easily create visual charts, country and state maps, and management dashboards.

Data Quality

MasterVision DQ is the data quality module from DataSalon that offers complete analysis and reporting on the quality of your customer data, as well as tools to cleanse and enhance your data both within MasterVision and at source.

By improving data quality publishers can greatly enhance customer service, improve ROI on sales and marketing campaigns and make efficiency savings.

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MasterVision DQ analyses multiple data sources at once for validity, completeness, frequency, recency and more. It also includes powerful auto-cleansing rules and data enhancements within your MasterVision site and will provide feedback on all known issues to enable cleansing data at source.

MasterVision DQ includes:

  • Easy to understand traffic light indicators and scores for every source and field.
  • Drill down to detailed reports quickly.
  • Check for invalid values, common mis-spellings, blank values, suspect data, outdated records, and check date or numeric ranges.
  • Click through to see and export invalid or suspect data.
  • Every data source analysed monthly and an annual executive summary.


OrgRef is an open dataset which is free for anyone to use. It extracts structured information about organizations from open resources like Wikipedia.

It was created with publishers in mind, and aims to cover the most important academic and research organizations worldwide.

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The entire dataset is available to download from the OrgRef website.

We also offer a range of related services for matching, merging, and analysing OrgRef in combination with a publisher's own customer data.